Friday, January 11, 2008

Using GnuCash

I am really looking at creating a new way to interface with GnuCash. Currently, you have to open it to make a single entry. Well, I don't really have either the patience or the bandwidth to do that and continue working with my other applications.

This blog entry is being made with a simple application that will make the post for me. i don't have to make a trip to the site, login and continue with the entry. I don't really need a preview or a confirmation that it looks exactly as I expect it to. I just want to post to my own blog without worrying about it. Now, if I could only make entries to my checkbook as simply as this, I would be much happier.

I don't think that it should be another tool though. I think it should be a part of gnucash, just lightweight. I will work on the feature list. Maybe I will even post it here. If you have any ideas on this email me. I would be interested in hearing them. If you are already working on it. Let me know. I don't want to reinvent the wheel. I just want to roll it.