Friday, January 23, 2009

Fernando's Cat

I went over to Fern' s house last Friday to help him move a table. It is always good times when I hang out with him so I was looking forward to a little face time (we never see each other any more, except in passing).

So I am not all that familiar with his crib. I don't hang out at anyone's house that much any more -- married -- so I don't know his ways. What I do know is that he has two very happy, healthy cats. They are very friendly. . . or so I thought.
The calico cat _is_ friendly. The black and white tom . . . uh well, not so friendly. I didn't know that though, see? So when Mr. Tom Cat came and jumped up next to me I didn't think twice. I just petted him. He mewed such a sweet sound and gazed deep into my eyes.

Now, I am not into cats all that much, but this one was really enticing. The voice of a siren and the look of a saint. He was definitely my friend and . . . he . . . must smell the face! "What is it kittie?" I wondered in my mind as I drew nearer and another sweet mew came from his mouth. Oh sweet kitty!

My face was just four or five inches from the cat and he was mewing sweetly when Fernando realized what was happening and declared calmy, "duncan! step away from the cat! That cat will kill you!" It was an instantaneous transformation as he warned me.

A claw shot out to the left. The tone of the mew turned from sweet to deadly warning! I was moving back like a fox from the dogs when Fern snatched the cat and the danger was abated. That was close!