Wednesday, March 12, 2008

In Austin for SxSW

No. I am in Austin every day. This week I am so jealous of the people who could find a way to take part in the SxSW interactive segment. I would have loved to have been there for the Keynotes at least.
I keep wondering to myself about how these people can be such prolific writers about the one subject or another, like Jane McGonigal writing about games. I just have the utmost respect for her ability to write about what might be happening in the world of gaming. Writing like that is bold and requires a great fortitude against the barrage of naysayers and negators.
I read about, and work with, Linux all day and yet I have nothing to say? Hardly. . . I have a lot I would like to get off my chest. Some of what I want to express is my frustration with the CTLUG right now. There are other things too. I would like to write about turning off the NMI watchdog in Linux and other things like that.
I think that I will work on that and leave this rant where it is.